Steve Perry Answers Questions Live!

By Gary Stuckey 

T'was the night before Christmas....actually   no. It was the night of November 5th and Steve Perry had just released his new Christmas album, The Season. He decided to answer questions live by chat on YouTube at 6 o'clock pm Pacific time. His album played in the background as a flurry of questions and comments went fast! I screenshot a bunch of them and so did my friend Denise. Some of the questions were cut off...and some may have been missed because the chat ended with the music so there wasn't a chance to see everything.. BUT.. we got what we could! If there are some we may have missed, I will post them here. Denise put together a beautiful display of the questions. She is a very talented, knowledgeable and artistic lady. Please go check out Steve Perry Legacy on Facebook.
They are a fan page like no other. There are daily posts with the history of Steve that will blow your mind! Denise is an administrator there along with Patricia Bloomer and Davida Williams. They do a wonderful job, so do yourself a favor and join them today! Here are the questions:
Click on the picture to zoom in to see them all!

Annnnd here's one more....
Check out Steve's answer....

See my review of  'The Season ' below on Youtube!

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Perry Christmas!
Love Gary


  1. He has, for me, a calm hypnotic voice in some songs (Foolish Heart). Others, his voice performs...well like impossible vocal gymnastics. If the instrumental in Don't Stop Believin' is cut out, and you are able to listen closely and hear every note he sings?
    It's not-of-this-world incredible.
    There is, nor ever will be another, voice with the qualities of his.


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