Journey Hires New Band Members

by Gary Stuckey

Last night on MSNBC, Journey fans
all over the country waited in anticipation for their favorite band to perform.
The group had announced on social media their upcoming appearance for the UNICEF concert "UNICEF Won't Stop" to raise money for their program.
    The band played their monster anthem
"Don't Stop Believin' as fans got
to witness American Idol's Randy
Jackson on bass and multi-talented musician, and Grammy winner Narada
Michael Walden on drums. Also playing
with the group was Jason Derlatka on keyboards.
     The guys, all socially distant and streaming from various places across the country, did an amazing job, which
just added to the excitement of the night.
Journey was among several talented acts that showcased their talents, including Rod Stewart, Cher,Sting, the Eurythmics and many more.
     Even more surprising was the fact
that guitarist Neal Schon came on social
media and announced that these 3 guest musicians were now officially a part of the band.
"Ok friends word us out! @randyjackson RJ the big Dawg is our new bass player again."
     Randy Jackson, of course, is no stranger
to Journey. He played bass on their 1986 album Raised On Radio and toured with them also.
Jackson and Walden replace long
time members, bassist Ross Valory and
drummer Steve Smith after they were
fired from the band in March for allegedly trying to take over the band in a coup attempt. Coincidentally, the 2 were fired
before the making of the Raised on Radio
     "Journey is an ever-changing unstoppable force.This is a completely new  chapter for us and we can't wait to get to it." said Schon on Twitter.
     As far as new music, Schon answered a fan, "It's coming already."
Journey plans to tour worldwide whenever the pandemic is over according to Schon's Facebook post.

As always, you never know the future of this awesome band, but something tells me there are more surprises coming. You know me, I never stop believin'!

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