The Reason I Won't Stop Believin

    By Gary Stuckey

 Steve Perry walked out of the courtroom in Los Angeles recently, having just settled a
dispute in a court case that had been going on for the past couple of years, although it has been
floating around in disagreement since 1991 or so. Perry had recorded some songs with musician
Phil Brown, and an ongoing battle about who had the rights to release it ensued for decades,
a climax about the time that Perry's Traces was to be released. In the summer of 2018, Brown and his girlfriend/ manager announced everywhere on social media that these songs were about to be released. They made it sound like they were newly recorded and finished, with Steve Perry's blessing, but we now know that this wasn't true. In any event, the case is now closed and Brown got his wish, which is probably a huge chunk of change, and apparently Steve gets his wish, that the songs not be
released. Well, that is that. Many people are glad that it is finally over, regardless of it's outcome.
Time to move on, and Steve most definitely will do that with his heart set on more music in the near
     Speaking of settling disputes,  let's take a look at my last blog article. It was all about how I believe that the song,
'No Erasin' is  about Journey, Steve's former band.. Any fan knows that this song was Steve's comeback song from his 2018's  'Traces' album. He explained that the song was about a high school reunion. Yes. We've all heard that before. He also explained that his songs have different meanings. I had mentioned in my article that radio announcer,Jim Kerr had really pulled out a lot of the real truth from Steve. We had heard in interviews with CBS Sunday Morning that Steve's answer for returning
to Journey was "no" if you asked him "right now",as if to say ' I may say yes when the time is right.
He has never given a definite no answer for a reunion with Journey. Many, many people
however have 'stopped believin' and put words in to poor Steve's mouth and say that he hates
the guys in the band...or that he said it will NEVER happen. That just isn't true.
     If you need to go back and read my last article, please do.It will refresh your memory and
give insight on why I feel strongly about a reunion. In this day and age, reunions aren't that rare.Sammy Hagar even announced recently that he would like to work again with Van Halen,
especially since Eddie Van Halen has been battling cancer.

We know that Steve's TRACES album cover has Neal Schon's (of Journey) guitar on it, with a dove sitting on top,signifying peace. That's awesome. It shows that Steve has no issue with Neal, despite some negative news article in Rolling Stone that says otherwise. Schon was so excited that he
even asked Steve on several occasions publicly to work with him again. Current Journey singer
Arnel Pineda has even offered to step aside for a reunion. Perry has yet to respond to the offer.

       Also on the cover of TRACES  there appears to be a broken keyboard. This is probably, as
many have speculated, a symbol of the broken relationship between keyboardist Jon Cain
and Steve. We know of the hurt that Perry explains in his VH1 interview. We know how he
hurt his hip, how he was replaced by Steve Augeri. What we don't know is the whole true
story. Speculation is that the band gave the ultimatum to Perry about touring and Cain was
the one who called and told Perry that they were moving on without him.

     I love the guys in the band, Jon Cain included. A talented musician and songwriter ,
married to the awesome Paula White Cain, evangelist. I just wonder why there hasn't been
an attempt to apologize or work things out. There may have been to a degree. Maybe at the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. I just wonder why the broken keyboard....and still
the broken relationship. I pray that whatever it is, that it is healed and fixed...not just for the
sake of a reunion, or new music, but for a bond of friendship to be mended. That has been
on my heart since I started doing YOUTUBE videos.

     Rewind the clock to the year 1983 when the song Faithfully was released. When I heard
this song as a kid I had a spiritual connection. The way Steve sang those perfect words, written
by Cain, and Schon's guitar comes in crying...just hauntingly good. Ross Valory and Steve
Smith complimented the song too. So perfect. Highway run into the midnight sun....and ultimately
it all ended in the land of the midnight sun, Alaska, just four years later. Steve was toast.

     But when we had all but stopped believing, the band reunited in 1996 for Trial By Fire.
The album had a religious theme and album cover. The title song was taken from a bible
verse. Steve Perry had actually brought a bible to the studio while they were writing and
recording. This inspired Jon Cain to re-examine his life and follow God. I imagine they had like bible studies together without realizing the future impact. I wonder though if Perry looked at it like an
ultimate betrayal from Jon, who had bonded with him spiritually, when he gave him the word that
he was being replaced.

    Relationships can be repaired. We have seen the relationship between Schon and Cain go from
not speaking, to acting like brothers again. I have seen the positive and spiritual side of both of
those guys and it is a blessing to see. The three amigos of Journey as I call them along with
Ross and Steve, really are like a family, Arnel included. When you have the ability'to create
wonderful music that has inspired millions, it can only come from God.

     Upon reading Jon Cain's book Don't Stop Believin', I was saddened to hear about what
happened to him when he was 8 years old. It happened to me too at the same age, Then
when I watched Steve during his interview with Dan Rather on The Big Interview, and
heard how he had been "violated" I knew exactly what he meant. And just like Steve,
when I was hurt, I turned to music. I was 8 years old when I heard the song Faithfully.
That song helped heal me and was very spiritual, though many don't see it like that.
Without knowing, because of our hurts, we were linked together spiritually and had
so much in common. These talented artists were brought together for a purpose. They were
drawn together spiritually because of what they had experienced and didn't realize
that it was a way of bonding for them. That was the connection I had for all these years
and I didn't realize why either, but I was drawn to them for sure.

So to the guys from Journey, Neal...Jon...keep reaching out to Steve. Tell him what a blessing
he is to you. Apologize. Do what ever you feel led to do. And Steve.Accept their apologies...their well wishes...their prayers..Realize the greatness of a team that has accomplished so much
and has touched so many for all of these years.
 I know for a fact that God has used the guys in Journey and He has His hands on them. I believe
He has a purpose and a reason for everything. So, I do have hope for a Journey reunion that
goes much farther than just music. This is a brotherhood.

I will Never Stop Believin'....

To be continued....

                                                See my new song here....Enjoy!



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