A Perry and Schon Collaboration Seems Likely In Due Tme

     Neal Schon of Journey spent most of the summer reaching out to Steve Perry, his former bandmate and ex-lead singer of Journey.He has expressed his passionate desire to have coffee and work with Perry many times on social media and in interviews. During a recent interview with AZcentral.com, Schon stated“I had written him a couple times and successfully got an email to him through his attorney,He wrote me back a couple times and that was it.”  He recalls the moments that he reunited with Perry at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony last year. “We met backstage for quite a while and had a great one-on-one talk in the back," Schon says. "We were hugging and I could tell there was a lot of love still there. I could tell we missed each other, you know?”Schon has stated how their reuniting was special to him. “I was about to go and make my speech and he came up and put his arm around me and the place went nuts, you know? I just completely lost my composure."

     Schon stated his feelings about Perry's new album“Traces,” his first solo album in 24 years. “I’m as happy as everybody else to hear his voice again,” Schon says. “And I’m glad to see that he’s found the passion again that he once had for music because everyone has clearly missed him.... I’m glad to see him back and I’m hoping he stays with it as he sounds really excited about his career again.”
Schon, when asked about working with Perry again said,“I’ve made it really, really clear that I could,” he says. “I’m not gonna press the issue anymore because I think ultimately it’s gonna be up to him. But I will say that I know my fans and Journey fans around the world are writing me, privately and openly, and just praying for that, because we definitely have a chemistry together that’s undeniable. Will he have another chemistry with another guitar player? Sure. But we already have a legacy and a chemistry that’s existing in everyone’s hearts and souls. So hopefully, he’ll think about that for a second.”

     Incidentally, Steve Perry's first single, "No Erasin' " is a reflective song, which he has stated is about a couple getting reacquainted at a high-school reunion. He has mentioned in several interviews that it is a song about reconnecting with a relationship,and has also stated that he had feelings that he hasn't felt in a long time at the RRHOF, both good and bad. Perry hinted around that he can't "escape" the memories of his former band,Journey....that wherever he goes, they are there. Many have tried to shoot down any possibility of a Journey reunion, however Perry has never stated that he would not regroup with Schon or Journey in the future.When pressured, he seems to throw off interviewers with a quick answer, giving doubt to some fans, but showing that his main objective currently is his solo work. He only expresses that he has a new album out and that is what he is focusing on "right now." It should be noted that in the song,"No Erasin", the first line of the song is, "I know it's been a long time coming," Neal Schon's first line of his speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year was,,"It's been a long time coming." So it seems like a shout out and a hint to Schon about their frienship. It should also be noted that on Perry's album Traces, (due to be released on October 5th) the cover contains Neal Schon's guitar with a dove on top if it, and the dove has an olive branch in his mouth, signifying peace,

Journey will finish their tour with Def Leppard on October 7...and not coincidentally, Steve Perry will be featured in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning on the same day. Some have speculated that this was done on purpose, especially noting that Steve made a come-back appearance on American Idol in May, just as Journey started their tour. Also that same weekend,Journey keyboardist, Jonathan Cain also released an autobiography called "Don't Stop Believin':The Man,The Band, and The Song.,
So maybe this was all a ploy by management on purpose to have an overall effect and stir up excitement with Journey fans. So what does the future hold for Steve Perry? For Journey? Will there be a reunion? Will there be a Schon-Perry collaboration? Don't Stop Believin' !!!


  1. Very well written Gary. All positive facts and very informative. I believe in the DSB attitude. Always have. Many years the music of Journey, including "the VOICE" of Steve Perry, has touched my heart. More so in the last year with many songs but one touched my heart in a very direct way, Trial By Fire. It was iconic for me in that it helped me move forward with a time that would change my life forever. One day I hope to share this with member(s) of Journey, including Steve, for it was his vision and the scripture it relates to has been a very significant piece of my life for many years. The beautiful music Journey created throughout the history of the band has stood the test of time. As quoted (by Steve I believe), "timeless music takes time". Time is something this band has stood strong. With 19 top 40 hit singles, 25 Gold and Platinum albums, a Greatest Hits Album, that reached Diamond and a Half status. That is 15 million albums. Something that may never be heard again. These are facts from a speech given at the ROHOF, by Pat Monahan from Train. This is a band who has proven time and time again that when incredible artists get together, magic happens. The connection between Neal and Steve is unlike this fan has ever seen. Nothing will match what they created together. One can only hope that what they so effortlessly brought together some many decades ago, will never be forgotten. Some day to be recreated in whatever fashion they so choose for all of us adoring fans to experience again. DSB

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