Journey Release New Single "You Got The Best Of .Me"


By Gary Stuckey 

It's been almost a year since we've heard a new 

single from the band Journey. Last summer we 

enjoyed the fresh single " The Way We Used To

Be. It was a different style, different sound for

the band, but the song was very catchy and 

conveyed the need to return to the way it was 

before the pandemic. Maybe we aren't there yet

but with an amazing band releasing

new music, it sure helps us take our minds off 

of our troubles. 

     Just last night,  or early this morning, we

we were gifted with a brand new song from the

Journey boys. The song, "You Got The Best Of Me

" is a rocker, reminiscent of the Escape days, 

maybe with a little Raised on Radio thrown in 

there. A retro synthesizer blares along with

guitarist Neal Schon's crunchy guitars.  You

immediately realize the classic sound is there.

Also, you notice that lead singer Arnel Pineda

is fitting more comfortably in his role and

not trying as much these days to sound like

former lead singer Steve Perry. He sounds 

natural and maybe has a hint of Bon Jovi in


     All of the instruments flow well. The truth

is, we don't know who is all playing on this song

as of yet. Randy Jackson and Narada started the 

album, but we know that Deen Castronovo is

back we may have to look at the album 

notes to give credit where credit is due.

     The song is sure to be a hit. It is very upbeat 

and super fun. Also, since the show Stranger 

Things has gotten the song Separate Ways back

on the charts, a new generation of fans will

be eager to  check out new music from these 

guys. Throw in the fact that Don't Stop Believin 

is everywhere and Journey keeps getting 

recognized by the likes of well-known entities

like the Library Of Congress,  which recently

inducted Don't Stop Believin into it's registry. 

     The band will finish up their first leg of the

tour at the end of May and will release their 

album Freedom on July the 8th.


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