Steve Perry To Auction Guitar For School In Queens

By Gary Stuckey 

     Singer Steve Perry, formerly of Journey (in case you didn't know) has been silent as of late. After releasing his solo album TRACES in 2018 and TRACES: Alternate Versions and Sketches in December, he has been low key. 

     Well, today is a new day. Steve appeared on social media hours ago and posted about a school that he is raising money for to help benefit their needs.  He is auctioning off a special guitar in the process.

Here is what he posted:

"Recently, a school called Summit, in Queens came to my attention. They serve nearly 300 students in grades 3-12 who come from all five boroughs, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties, and help children with a broad range of disabilities, from learning and emotional disabilities, neurological conditions, focus and attention issues, and autism spectrum disorders. Many obstacles have hindered these students' progress in a traditional classroom, but they thrive in Summit's therapeutic learning environment.
I am auctioning a signed Traces: Alternate Versions & Sketches guitar and CD, personalized to the highest auction winner to support special education students to achieve academic success and prepare them for entry in the world. "

Steve's good friend Olivia Harrison commented on his post on Instagram.

"Such a great thing to do Steve. How about we match the bid? Come on everyone let's see what
we can do."

Olivia of course is the widow of George Harrison. Steve did a cover of George's song with the Beatles, I NEED YOU and put it on his TRACES album.

Here is what Executive Director of Summit posted online about the school:

"Since 1968, The Summit School has been giving children with learning and adjustment challenges the attention they need to develop their individual strengths and talents. Summit has created a therapeutic educational environment that respects individuality and meets the needs of each child.

It is the mission of The Summit School community to help children with special needs acquire the skills to achieve success in higher education, job placements, and interpersonal relationships. As members of a supportive and nurturing community, our students maximize their strengths, develop self-esteem, and become contributing members of society.

Our learning environment is warm, friendly, and conducive to individual growth. Summit students enjoy coming to school because it is a place where they can develop a positive sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

Working as a team with parents and students, the Summit faculty develops a unique plan for each student. This road map identifies the best approach for the student’s educational and social goals, changing over time to adapt to the child’s progress. The Summit School encourages parents to be involved with all aspects of their child’s education. Summit respects and values parents’ understanding of their child’s needs. They become part of our interdisciplinary team working together to ensure their child’s success.

We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to lead this wonderful school with its rich tradition in providing extraordinary special education services to children and adolescents."

To find out more about the school and how you can donate, go to

Once again, here is the link to bid on Steve's special autographed guitar and cd.

 Start the bidding now! You have 2 weeks according to the link. 

Thank you Steve for all that you do. Your support and concern for others is noted and appreciated by everyone. What a blessing.

And....of course, everyone is looking forward to new music from the Voice. We will see what happens in the near future.

Until then, Don't Stop Believin' !



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